August 2013


What an excellent day we had at Stoney Cove with Manta SCUBA Diving Club from Nottingham! Instructor John took my Princess Lynnie into the water for her first UK dive, with fellow diver Tara. Lynne absolutely loved it, despite her last dive being in the crystal waters of Cyprus and she can’t wait to go back to Stoney Cove for some more UK diving. Many thanks also to Spencer Burrows, award winning underwater photographer, for helping to arrange the dive.

photo (43)

Here is Lynne getting into the water. She had to do a seated entry into the water as her back is still recovering from her operation some months ago but today proved just how much she has battled through to be able to dive. We, like so many others, owe a great debt to the expertise of Nottingham’s QMC Hospital staff and that’s why we want you to join us next Sunday at The Barefoot Walk at Wollaton Park, Nottingham. A great day of food, live music, real ales, stalls, fund-raising for Nottingham Hospitals charity, reindeer and about 20 bouncy-castles – guaranteed to tire out your little ones!

Finally, a thanks for inviting us and a congratulations to our friends Nigel and Ellanor Glennister who celebrated their 25th Anniversary like a pair of Rock Stars! This is us having a great time at your party at Erewash Valley Golf Club:


What an amazing do! Apparently they did not get the memo that 25th Anniversary parties are meant to be sedate, peaceful affairs. Hope your heads aren’t too bad Sunday morning! xx


Really busy day today trekking all over Nottingham in moderate to high heat (I know – I’m a martyr) in order to spread the word of The Nottingham Barefoot Walk. Lots of nice companies in Nottingham saying they want to help us out. Excellent. Only 9 days to go!

Lots of stuff happening with Construction Voice today too – I need to catch up. Time for that tomorrow while the better half goes scuba diving at Stoney Cove (very jealous! I’ve dived Stoney Cove before and it is Awesome!)

Oh – and I saw a Mexican wrestler in city centre too and now I want an outfit like this!

photo (41)

The words on his chest said “Proud To Be Mexican”. I asked him if he was Mexican…     He said – “No”.


Really good day today. Meetings with Tim Elliott (who has a swanky new website) and the Americana team. Decisions made. Plans planned and stuff done.

Also finished reading Book 3 of The Mortal Instruments series – City of Glass then went to watch The Mortal Instruments film. The film was decent but I couldn’t believe just how different to the books it was. A bit disappointing maybe, but understandable when you consider how much they had to get in.


Finished reading Book 2 of The Mortal Instruments series – City of Ashes. Excellent read! Cassandra Clare is a great writer – her world just keeps expanding in scope without ever losing you. What a journey I’m on – I’ll be sad when this ride is over!

Some good stuff happening with The Barefoot Walk (only 10 days away – Yikes!) and also a few bits to sort out still. The Nottingham Institute helping out a lot as always! I could do with some more people volunteering to help out on the day so anyone who wants to pay back Nottingham QMC Hospital or Nottingham City Hospital – let me know. All the money we are raising goes to The Nottingham Hospitals Charity and The Children’s Air Ambulance Charity.


Great meeting with Tim Elliott today regarding the Americana Festival. Things coming along nicely!


Finished City of Bones. An excellent read – very accessible without being too ‘dumbed-down’. Cassandra Clare creates a rich and exciting world for her books with lots of original ideas. Started Book 2 – City of Ashes!


Started to read the Mortal Instruments series of books. Got to page 224 before I realised that I had started on Book 3 instead of Book 1! Arrrghh! Started Book 1 of Mortal Instruments – City of Bones.


Attended the VIP Film Premiere of Light Films‘ new feature-length zombie movie – Wasteland. I was somehow mistaken for a famous film director apparently! The cinematography in this movie was a really high standard throughout with a few superbly excellent touches thrown in for good measure. Thanks to Chrissa & Tom for inviting us and we’ll look out for more from you!


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