Creative Content – A Drop in The Ocean?

Creative Content

If your company is an industrial, engineering or large manufacturing type of company, then the chances are your website and web content is very technical by nature and it should be – that is an important part of what your customers need.

If you are involved in the marketing side of your company, you are probably aware of the growing clamour from marketing and SEO experts about the need for creative content to drive traffic and enhance customer experience – but would it really be beneficial to a company like yours? And with all the creative content produced my the mega-corps such as coca-cola, apple and google etc. – would your own efforts be lost – just another drop in the ocean?

  1. Creative content can increase sales by making your site the preferred site buyers want to go to. Why spend time on a boring site when you can make your buying experience an enjoyable interaction?
  2. Creative content can increase loyalty by promoting your brand identity and giving visitors to your site a real sense of who you are.
  3. Creative content can enhance professional relationships by giving your customers a look at the faces behind the voice on the telephone.
  4. Creative content can increase your search rankings if properly and professionally written for SEO.

Are you not sure how creative content could help your company?

Case Study: The Hire Supply Company (UK) Ltd

The guys at HSC knew they needed more customer-engaging content, they even had a blog already on their website but most of their blog entries were of the ‘company news’ type. Whilst this is useful content, it is not necessarily going to catch a customer’s imagination. I spent some time with the company and got to know the stories behind the people and the products and they were sitting on some great content without realising it.

Over a period of time, I wrote a number of blog posts for them that told an interesting story that people wanted to read AND displayed the company and the products in exactly the right way. They now have a folder full of interesting blog posts that they can release over the next 6 months and review how it is received.

You can view one of the blog posts I wrote for them by clicking here. See how the two elements of personal story and product/service information are intertwined to create something people are interested to read.

Still not sure how creative content could help your company? Then ask yourself one question – when your customers use your website, do you want them to be smiling?

If the answer is yes – contact me.


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