The Digital Super-Consumers

digital super consumers


We are in the age of the digital super-consumer.

70 Billion pieces of content are shared every month. And that’s just on Facebook.

YouTube has another 92 Billion page views every month. This data is now a year old and it’s growing all the time.

When this piece of content was created, Facebook had a mere 1.2 Billion users – today it’s more like 1.23 Billion

“A funny old bird is the Pelican,

His beak can hold more than his belly can!”

Just like the Pelican, consumers today have more marketing content than they can stomach. It’s thrown at them from billboards, phones, tv, radio. There is rarely a point in your waking day you are not being sold to almost against your will.


Q. What do you need to do to stand out?

A. Create original, quality, free content that either entertains or is of use to your audience.

Trust me – they’ll gobble it up!


If you need help creating original, quality content, contact me to see if I can help.


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