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On Thursday (18th Sept), two very talented Nottingham marketers put on a free event called #AYQA at Antenna, with the aim of allowing business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and even innocent bystanders – the opportunity to ask any questions they wanted about marketing.

The two marketeers (minus D’Artanian) were Tim Elliott and Paul Chapman.  Some of my regular readers will know that I have worked with Tim Elliott before and believe him to be the ‘Apibus Genua’.

Toby Hewson Bees Knees

Paul I have ‘encountered’ several times in the thriving heart of Nottingham’s creative quarter and although I have not worked with him (yet), he is definitely someone I admire. He preaches straight-up, no-nonsense “do this and then this will happen” marketing which is a brand anyone can buy into. You can find out more about Paul here.

Paul Chapman – a natural born entertainer and educator in equal measure

I didn’t get to see the whole performance presentation because I was at the day-job for half of it, but even so I picked up some great tips I thought I’d share.

When I arrived, the guys were discussing google adwords and Facebook adverts with the audience. Paul was going through some great tips on how to trial different subject lines to see which gets you the most hits before putting more money into that area. Tim was explaining how to pick and choose your audience and target more effectively who you wanted to communicate with. The guys definitely know their stuff and if you want to know more bout how to approach online marketing in a logical and measurable campaign – I whole-heartedly recommend you get in touch.

For me though – I was there partly for the inspiration and partly for the nuts and bolts. I guess you had to be there and feel the energy to get the inspiration, but the nuts and bolts, the useful bits I wrote down, I’m happy to share with you now as I know nothing makes Tim and Paul happier than making a difference to people’s businesses.

Toby’s Top 7 Tips From #AYQA

  1. Facebook Ads – try it out. Don’t be afraid to fail. FB ads start at so little cost you can try a a few different things out to see what works for you and then concentrate more in that area.
  2. Email Adresses – build a list. Get your customer email addresses and then make another one from that of the people who buy. When you need to generate more sales or launch a new product – nothing is going to be more useful to you than a contact list of people who are likely to buy from you.
  3. Baby Steps – you sometimes have to walk your customer to the checkout. Most sales come after 5-7 points of contact between you and your customer, so if your first contact is “BUY BUY BUY!” they’ll run away before they get there. You have to take them out and romance them, make them feel special – not hit them over the head and drag them to your cave! So how do you do this? You do this by…
  4. Being Useful – give them handy hints, tips, solutions to crossword puzzles, anything that is going to be useful to them (hopefully in a relevant way) and make them feel like they have already had some value from you.
  5. Think Big, Not Cheap – in a crowded market place,who gets the customer? The one who spends the most on getting customers. Don’t offer everything for 99p, that part of the market is overcrowded and no-one at that end is making any money anyway. Be the person who goes the extra mile for a customer – you’ll really stand out.
  6. Social Media Consistency – there is nothing worse than doing a hundred tweets on your Twitter on a wet Wednesday afternoon because you feel like you’ve neglected it for a while – and then disappearing for weeks again. Social Media is important. It can make up several of your points of contact before you get someone to buy, for starters! But you need to commit. Once a week, even once a month is ok as long as it’s consistent because then, you will build an audience who know when and where to find you.
  7. Have A Plan – throughout the whole presentation, having a plan of attack rather than a random, scatter-gun approach, was a theme that kept cropping up. If you plan and then carry it out and measure the results – you can learn from it and make a better plan, so the last nugget of wisdom is my own condensed version of this for you to apply when you take action:

Test – Evaluate – Modify – Repeat

Good luck with all your adventures in marketing and if you have any questions – please feel free to contact Tim Elliott or Paul Chapman and I will see you at the next All Your Questions Answered Event #AYQA

Tim Elliott on Twitter                Paul Chapman on Twitter

#AYQA Tim Elliott Paul Chapman


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