Blogging: Celebrate Your Successes

celebrate successes

Sometimes, especially in the UK, I find companies who don’t know how to celebrate their successes. The blog is the perfect place for this, because it is relevant to you and your customer/audience.

People seem to understand well enough that if they win an award or get voted top in a poll that this should go in the blog, but this is not usually an every-day occurrence. Finding successes to share in your blog on a more regular basis is much harder.

Or is it?

Instead of just sharing your own, internal successes – think about what successes you have contributed to. Maybe your product or service has allowed your customer to do something remarkable? You should share this type of success for two reasons:

  1. It’s inclusive and relationship-building with your customer
  2. It shows potential customers exactly why they should use you

This is far better than any back-slapping “Hey look how good we are” type of blog post because people can relate to it. See the difference here:

  • You won an award? Big deal. Well done you.
  • Your gadget helped Louis Hamilton shave a second off his lap time? Hey – WE want to shave a second off OUR lap time too!

So follow your product or service to the end of the story – not just to the point it goes to the customer. What do they do with it? Maybe you saved someone a bucket-load of cash? Maybe your rubber seal went into space with NASA? Maybe you helped a small business save on legal fees? Whatever your product or service is – don’t be afraid to involve your customers success and the part you played in it. Be sure to check with them first, but most customers will be pleased that your interest in them extends beyond the sale and it could help your relationship to grow.


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