Blog To Educate Your Customers

It still surprises me how many companies are still underestimating the power of the blog.

I’ve heard several great stats about having blogs, from how many more leads and sales they generate (about 60% more, according to a recent HubSpot survey but I’ve heard similar figures from other sources too) to how much they improve your Google-ranking and SEO, but I’d like to draw your attention to something a little less tangible – if you’d like to join me?

The blog is a simple and easy-to-use platform for connecting with customers. Even better than that – it carries an ‘informal’ reputation that allows you to remind people that you are a company made of human beings, despite the other, more corporate areas of your website.

A good blog is a conversation starter, provoking a response from your audience and promoting interaction. Think about the most difficult things to convey to your customers – why their competitors are using your product, why you are investing money in sustainability, why you are more expensive short-term – but better value long-term, why they should trust you.

With a blog, you have the perfect tool to open-up and talk to your customers as people and let them see that you are people too. Unhindered by marketing jargon or sales-speak, unhindered by fitting a product description into 200 characters, it is a conversational piece that, correctly used, will help your customers to understand you, your company, your products and your ethics better.

The best company blogs don’t stop at educating customers about themselves and their products – they also educate customers about the market-place and other related subjects that may be useful to their customers. y supplying free-of-charge value you will increase trust, be seen as an expert in your field and give your customers a reason to visit your site and interact with your brand on a regular basis. Create a blog and use it to educate your customers today.

Now tell me – who thinks they wouldn’t see customer-relations and sales improve if they had a blog?




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