Team Gobiyond – Mongol Rally 2015

Team Gobiyond – Mongol Rally 2015.

My good friends Kate Sleath and Barry Mangham make up Team Gobiyond and they are looking to achieve something quite remarkable this year –

“Having completed a fairly substantial road trip, we both immediately wondered how we could top our holiday in the future. With no set plans or ideas, we returned to our normal working life and put the holiday planning on hold. However, we started watching ‘The Long Way Round’ and saw some of the stunning scenery and landscapes that are oft unvisited by the average tourist. This was further enforced by the fact that for a few years now I had wanted to partake in a rather adventurous charity rally.

So naturally the idea is to enter the 2015 Mongol Rally. This is a charity rally, whereby the aim is to drive to Mongolia in a car that is not typically deemed suitable for the job (whilst raising money for charities along the way). The theory is that it makes for a far more interesting adventure. Sure you could see all the places in the comfort of a for-purpose vehicle with GPS, but this way you’re more likely to interact with locals (albeit due to breakdowns or struggling to find your way).

A brief introduction to the Mongol Rally, courtesy of The Adventurists.
So out of this lust for adventure is born “Team Gobiyond” (can you see what we did there?). This site will chart our planning and progress before, during, after the rally. The site will be updated continually with information, so bookmark it and check back regularly!”

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