#niWord of the Day – Tsundoku

I can’t believe I’m guilty of ‘Tsundoku’ – but I am.   I have lots of piles of book around the house at the moment, as the definition suggests – on the coffee table, under the bed, my bedside table, the desk in my office and even on the floor next to the bookshelves becauseContinue reading “#niWord of the Day – Tsundoku”

D.R.I.V.E. Your Social Media Forwards!

DRIVE Your Social Media A lot of people stall the bus when it comes to Social Media. They are all excited when they get behind the wheel, but give up too easily after a few false starts. No-one was ever an expert at anything worthwhile without practice, so if you find your Social Media vehicleContinue reading “D.R.I.V.E. Your Social Media Forwards!”

Face Your Fears: Face Yourself

The following quote by Greek Philosopher, Aristotle is as relevant today as it was when he stated it originally, somewhere circa 350BC. Last night Tim (of TJ Elliott) and I attended ‘Second Wednesday‘ (or #SecWed) at Antenna in Nottingham‘s Creative Quarter – a monthly creative and digital event involving guest speakers, networking and free beers.Continue reading “Face Your Fears: Face Yourself”

#niWord Of The Day – Petrichor

  The scent of rain on dry earth. The only thing that I love more than this smell is the fact that there is a word for it! Breathing in the subtle aroma of the earth around you changing from arid to verdant and the sense that anything could happen – anything might grow. AContinue reading “#niWord Of The Day – Petrichor”

2014 – What Awaits…?

So my birthday is out of the way (yesterday, thanks), Christmas and New Years are out of the way and it is only now I find myself having the time to look ahead to what 2014 will hold in store for me. Firstly I would like to thank Tim Elliott of TJ Elliott Ltd andContinue reading “2014 – What Awaits…?”

#niWord & Christmas Message

Today’s #niWord of the day – Around this holiday season, some people’s stress levels are increased due to the personal battles they have ongoing inside. My Christmas wish for you all this year is that you can find some time over the festive period to assess this year and your priorities. Take some time toContinue reading “#niWord & Christmas Message”

October 2013

October! What a busy month it was. Time was at a premium. I was all set to go to the e-commerce expo down in that London, with Tim Elliott, but some important meetings being scheduled at the same time meant that it was a luxury that we could just not afford. I was very privileged toContinue reading “October 2013”