October 2013

October! What a busy month it was. Time was at a premium. I was all set to go to the e-commerce expo down in that London, with Tim Elliott, but some important meetings being scheduled at the same time meant that it was a luxury that we could just not afford. I was very privileged toContinue reading “October 2013”

September 2013

26/9/2013 So today Tim Elliott and I attended ‘The Big Debate’ at The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham city centre. What a venue that is! I must go back with Lynne one day as a tourist and see it all. Tim and I were there to network with the financial companies who had come to discuss whetherContinue reading “September 2013”

August 2013

31/08/2013 What an excellent day we had at Stoney Cove with Manta SCUBA Diving Club from Nottingham! Instructor John took my Princess Lynnie into the water for her first UK dive, with fellow diver Tara. Lynne absolutely loved it, despite her last dive being in the crystal waters of Cyprus and she can’t wait to go back to StoneyContinue reading “August 2013”