Citadel Books


Writer of the epic fantasy ‘Citadel’ series set in Meridimion. Currently a work in progress.

Read an excerpt here

  • An old king who has passed the crown of rule to his son.
  • A humble merchant who finds himself locked up in the dungeons.
  • A young girl and boy separated from their parents.
  • A Dwarven outcast who wants to be left that way.
  • A Marshall who wishes he wasn’t needed to uphold the law.
  • An old mage who has a secret no-one believes in any more.
  • A young Elflord who’s blood is needed to fulfil a dark prophecy.

Elves, Men and Dwarves will all have their parts to play in this epic tale of blood and bravery, but as the hopes of so many rest on the strength of so few, will all of them complete their quests to protect their land from The Dark One and save The Citadel?


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