Good For Nothing (GFN)

I received an email from Sarah and Lisa today so I thought I would try and help by adding a page to my site and trying to reach some of the awesome people in my Nottingham networks.

GFN Nottingham

Good For Nothing is a fantastic idea – where you can do some good – for nothing. It’s charity work really. I whipped this bit from their website because it sums it up rather nicely:

“Good for Nothing is a community of thinkers, do-ers, makers and tinkerers applying their skills and energy to accelerate the work of cause-led innovators and change makers; it’s about diverse groups of people collaborating together, working in new, faster, fun and better ways by supporting ideas and people that are leading the way to what a flourishing 21st century society might look like.”

Good For Nothing has started elsewhere but has now landed firmly in Nottingham. The first challenge we are taking on is a fantastic community food/social eating project that has worked fantastically well in other areas and is set for greatness here too. There is just one missing ingredient.

Is it You?

Read Sarah & Lisa’s email below and if it seems like something you could be part of – follow the links and you could soon find yourself doing good for nothing. I hope so.

Helloooo …

We’re fast approaching the final countdown to the first Good for Nothing hack that will take place in Nottingham.

The last few weeks have been an amazing journey – from making the decision of ‘yes, let’s give this a shot’  to confirming with Marsha that we would collaborate together to wondering if people would sign up, to delighting in each email confirmation we’ve received telling us that talented, creative people (that’s you!) are going to give their time and expertise to do some ‘good for nothing’!

Tomorrow signals our one week countdown and we wanted to ask for your help.

– we’d love to see a few more people signing up.  Any additional support you can provide in spreading the word (via social media or even in real life!) and encouraging others to come along would be immense!

– if any of you have contacts with any local brewers, cake-makers, cafe-owners, caterers who you think might donate some food or drink please point them in our direction

– we’re deserately seeking a film-maker who (alongside our resident photographer!) will help us to capture the story of what happens.  You know where to send them ….

Finally, just a great big massive thank you from us for supporting Good for Nothing.  It’s going to be awesome!

Sarah & Lisa

PS – we’ll be sending a follow-up email in the next few details confirming all of the finer details for next week.  Any questions in the meantime, let us know.”

Go visit their website by Clicking Here

Connect on Twitter by Clicking Here

Secure your free tickets for 29th/30th Nov on Eventbrite by Clicking Here

More about the project:


Led by Marsha Smith & The Family Cafe

The Secret Kitchen Café was set up by Marsha Smith in 2011. The aim was to set up a café with no fixed menu and instead focus on making each meal a ‘special’ which had been freshly cooked with fresh ingredients on the day. Each dish was to be a tasty, vegetarian and wherever possible organic or locally-sourced meal

In the Spring of 2013 the Family Café was launched. A tea-time space where children and families can enjoy a tasty, homemade meal. There’s no price-list. People enjoy a meal together in exchange for a donation – of money or time. Food is upcycled from supermarket surplus into a delicious meal that families and communities can share together.

At it’s conclusion in April 2014, this 12 month pilot is expecting to have served or distributed 10,000 meals and saved 6 tonnes of food from land-fill. For a food bill of £800.

Marsha’s audacious goal? To start a social eating movement that has its roots in Nottingham but which grows and develops across the UK.


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