My Writing Portfolio

Citadel – An Epic Fantasy Saga

Spanning two series and seven books, Citadel is a work in progress and my life’s work. It is the writing that gives me the most joy. I entered 3 chapters into The Brit Writers Awards in 2010 and narrowly missed the shortlist of eight out of a pool of over 22,000 entries. I was contacted by the CEO, Imran Akram, who coached and mentored me and invited my partner and I to the 2011 awards ceremony in London as his special guests.

You can read an extract here.

The Barefoot Walk

If you check out the website http://www.thebarefootwalknottingham.com – I wrote every single word on every single page apart from one guest blog post and one re-blogged post from another site.

Shoe Aid

I have been involved in a charity called Shoe-Aid, the charity behind the Barefoot Walk Nottingham.

Currently a work in progress I am doing the website http://www.shoe-aid.com. I write original content and also work with a team from funds2org.com in the US to re-write their content to make it more accurate and suitable for UK readers.


Please see a selection of blog posts that were published exclusively on tobyhewson.com over the last 12 months:

Social Media:

Personal Blog:


ScreenCity is a new, bi-monthly e-mag set up to promote all that is best about Nottingham business. There have been three issues so far and I have written articles for the last two, with more planned in the future.

The Hire Supply Company (UK) Ltd

I supplied social media training and blogging training to directors and staff, as well as writing many blog posts for them during the few months I spent with them. The blog posts were designed to add more fun angle to their industrial heater range and to be used with pics that were interesting and likely to be shared. They were also all very short – 1 paragraph each with a link to the actual product information – to keep the attention span of the reader, but since I left the company, the articles have been significantly added to.

I also sought to tackle an issue that plagues the industrial sector – the idea that buying Chinese imports means you compromise on quality. HSC spend a lot of time, energy and resources to make sure that all their equipment is of the highest standard, so rather than skirt around the issue – I thought it was time to stand up and be counted and reveal all. To their credit, the Directors all embraced this idea of leading the industry from the front.

Asian Persuasion

I found some photos on the company drive of a trip to a supplier in Poland. HSC weren’t doing anything with these pics so I turned them into an article about the value and benefit the customers saw from HSC sending their staff to be trained by the manufacturer.

A Pole To Pole Service


The Nottingham Institute

Please see below a selection of blog posts that were designed specifically for a social media campaign for The Nottingham Institute and were published both on their website and social media as well as on tobyhewson.com

Construction Voice

Here is the first issue of Construction Voice e-magazine, which I was writer and editor for.

Construction Voice Issue 1

The articles I wrote for this issue were:

  • Take your Partner By The Hand (Page 3)
  • Costain Scores With Employees (Page 7)
  • HSC Shine Light On Equipment That Saves You Money (Page 9)
  • HS2 (Page 14)
  • Could YOUR Business Benefit From An Apprentice? (Page 17)

Americana International Festival

As official media partner, we gave social media training to staff and we decided to operate a separate WordPress blog to drive traffic to the Official Site as the agency running the website did not have the resources to be as responsive as we wanted. The blog had the freedom to explore areas of similar interest for people as well as sharing official content and opened the event up to a new audience. Unfortunately, the blog is down at the moment as the event is going through a re-brand and a venue-move for the first time in over 20 years.




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