My Services


Too many great companies with great products are just not engaging with their customers. With a more creative approach, you could make your website a place that your customers actually enjoy interacting with – increasing product awareness AND brand loyalty – and often improving working relationships with Buyers and Decision Makers.

I can review your web, marketing or other content to maximise your communication channels and increase the power of your message.

I also provide creative words with high marketing impact. Marketing, PR, Promotions and other creative work is bespoke to your project.

I can deliver Web Content, Blog Posts and Social Media Content & Strategy – or a training workshop to show you how to do it for yourself.

If you want your marketing message to be louder and clearer to your audience, contact me for a free consultation to discuss what you need to do to make that happen.

Events are great fun – but they can be like a millstone round your neck if you don’t have enough help. I have lots of experience of working, managing and promoting corporate, charity, training and music events. If you need help with yours – give me a call to see if I can lighten your load.


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